2019 Black Public Defender Association (BPDA) Conference.
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Manohar Raju

San Francisco Public Defender
Public Defender
San Francisco CA
Manohar Raju was appointed San Francisco Public Defender in 2019. Before that, he served as felony manager. He came to San Francisco in 2008 by way of the Contra Costa Public Defender’s Office, where he worked as a deputy public defender for seven years. He is known for being a fierce litigator. “Mano has a keen intellect, exceptional trial skills, and an awareness of the importance of being anchored in the communities we serve. All of which are essential to leading and inspiring the office,” said Matt Gonzalez, chief attorney of the SF Public Defender. Mano found himself drawn to this career in part due to his awareness of similarities between inequalities here and in India. Despite coming from a farming village, his parents managed to emigrate to America, where they raised Mano on the East Coast. As public defender, Mano will continue to uphold his office’s reputation not only as a formidable group of lawyers and staff but as a catalyst for criminal justice reform. He is also fiercely committed to a client-centered approach to defense work. “Our impact is not measured in numbers, but in the people we represent,” he said. “It’s by the mother who can return home to her family. The son who can continue to work to support his family. And to the children of those we defend, who benefit from having an equal opportunity to survive and who might one day use that opportunity to lead.” Mano is one of the founding members of Public Defenders for Racial Justice. He completed his undergraduate work at Columbia and has a Master’s degree in South Asian Studies from U.C. Berkeley. He also attended law school at Berkeley Law.

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Friday, June 7

8:00am EDT